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Advisor Support

Tools and Support to Build the Practice You Desire

Joining forces with Shoemaker Financial will not only help you advance your career, but it will also improve your ability to support clients. We have the tools and structure you need to assist your clients in pursuing their financial objectives, enabling you to provide unparalleled service.

*For a comprehensive review of your personal situation, always consult with a tax or legal advisor. Neither Cetera Advisor Networks LLC nor any of its representatives may give legal or tax advice.

Comprehensive Practice Management Tools

Human Resources

Shoemaker Financial recognizes the challenges of building and managing your business. We provide human resources support that includes a full range of HR solutions.

Backoffice Support

We provide complete back-office assistance that includes cutting-edge portfolio management and trading systems, analytical tools, and a committed team of operational specialists.

Practice Development

With our resources, you can expand into new markets, enrich your client relationships, and highlight your brand identity. The efficiencies we offer will help you sustain and strengthen your practice.

New Client Onboarding

Shoemaker Financial employs personalized assistance and training to enhance the client onboarding process and elevate the overall client experience.

Powerful Partnerships: Cetera Advisor Networks

Powerful Partnerships: Cetera Advisor Networks

AdviceWorks: A platform equipping advisors with tools to monitor portfolio performance, market trends, and critical indicators, facilitating informed decisions benefiting clients.

MarketingCentral: In partnership with Cetera, MarketingCentral offers advisors customizable marketing materials to enhance client communication and engagement.

Scaling Your Practice With Our Network Team

Planning Team

Our in-house team of credentialed legal and tax specialists can help you solve clients’ most complex needs.

Meet the Team

Investment Management Team

Through our in-house TPA, we help business-owner clients enhance their operations with turnkey retirement plan solutions.

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Financial Plan Design Team

We can help you solve for any client goal, from fund selection to asset-allocation guidance to ready-made portfolios.

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Additional Services for Your Practice

  • Conference & Events: We believe in you and your development, so we provide access to industry events that can help you succeed.
  • Succession Planning: Succession planning gives your practice the long-term perspective for growth, and we will help you devise a feasible approach. 
  • Continuity Planning: Shoemaker Financial makes a commitment to your long-term success by supporting you with experienced continuity planning.
  • New Client Onboarding: We offer essential help with the onboarding process for new Advisors, including financial support for transition costs. 

Start Today Building Your Ideal Business

We offer advisors the assistance and autonomy to construct their businesses according to their preferences. Let's collaborate to transform your vision into reality. Connect with us today to explore the possibilities we can create together.

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