At Shoemaker Financial, we believe that our firm needs to provide every advisor that joins us with 5 key areas for them to develop into a successful advisor. We operate more like a family than a corporation and every advisor is developed individually based on natural talents and abilities. Our goal is to develop our advisors to their full potential.

Training: At Shoemaker, we believe it begins and ends with training, either you are given the skills and tools necessary to be a successful financial advisor or you are not. Our Training Program is Comprehensive and Continuous, it begins day 1 and ends the day you leave Shoemaker Financial. Our training program covers three main areas: Sales Cycle, Product, and Systems and we use different mediums including classroom lecture, video drill and skill, self study and joint work in the field to give our advisors the best chance for success. We believe every advisor that begins with Shoemaker has the potential to be an exceptional advisor and our training reflects that mentality.

Mentorships/Joint Field Work: All new advisors at Shoemaker are assigned a dedicated Sales Manager. This provides our newest advisors with a proven closer to help with sophisticated cases early in their career, provide weekly 1 on 1 coaching, assist with time management skills, help develop both marketing and business plans, sales training in the field, and overall advice on how to become a successful advisor.

Platforms: We believe in giving the advisor highly experienced back office support that will help them close more sophisticated cases early in their career, these include: Financial Planning Dept, Investment Advisory Dept, Advisor Resource Center, Shoemaker Benefits Dept. Our specialists are capable and willing to assist any advisor in both developing and presenting quality solutions for our clients.

Products: Shoemaker Financial is independently owned and operated, which allows us to select multiple carriers to provide high quality, client-centered solutions to help meet our client's specific needs. We believe no one company has the right answer for every client. We have no proprietary minimums and allow our advisors to develop their practice their way, whether it be insurance or investment based or a combination of both.

Marketing/Public Relations: Our marketing/public relations team with direction from our sales managers help our advisors develop and implement marketing ideas and strategies, develop seminars, flyers, and brochures for advisor use within their chosen markets. We also help our advisors with announcements in local papers and business journals. We also provide advisors the opportunity to write articles and contribute to advice columns regarding financial topics. We also produce a weekly local radio program and allow our advisors time to discuss relevant topics to gain exposure in their markets. Finally, with a state of the art 50 person seminar/training room, we have the capability to assist advisors with a variety of client and prospecting events to increase their clientele.

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