Shoemaker Benefits

Description of services provided to Advisors

The Process starts one of two ways:

  1. Advisor has a client that may be interested in group benefits for their company so we set up a meeting to go out and discuss. If the client is interested, we get them to send us a census.
  2. Advisor says that he has a client that is interested in benefits for his company and the client sends in a Census of employees.

I check the census to make sure it is complete, if not, we will have to contact the client for missing information. After a completed census is received, the quoting process begins. Each carrier has its own requirements for releasing a quote so I format the census and other forms needed for each carrier and get them sent out to all of the insurance companies that we will be getting quotes from on that particular group. For health plans, that is about 5 carriers and for dental, disability and life, about 10 carriers.

This process will take between 5 to 7 days for groups of 50 or less and about 7 to 10 business days for groups larger than 50.

After quotes are received back, I put the information into a proposal format to get ready for presentation. I let the advisor know that we are ready to see the client, and the advisor will set an appointment.

I then go and present our findings to the client (employer) and try to make the sale. Once the group is sold, the employer and employees of that company have my information if they ever have any billing problems or claims issues with their insurance. We want them to call us instead of the insurance carrier to insure they are getting good service.

At renewal each year I notify the advisor that their group is up for renewal and I start the process all over again.

The other main thing that I do for advisors is keep them up to date on available marketing ideas and products that are in the market place. I attend many seminars put on by software companies and insurance companies so I can be on top of what is going on in the market.

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